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Gas-fired(oil-fired) boilers Gas-fired(oil-fired) boilers
Gas-fired(oil-fired) boilers Gas-fired(oil-fired) boilers
Coal-fired boilers Coal-fired boilers
Coal-fired boilers Coal-fired boilers

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The Parsons Compound Steam Reaction Turbine and Electric Generator 1884 These industries may also use the available steam to power mechanical drives for pumps, fans and materials handling. The steam turbine drives a generator, to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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CEMLINE® Unfired Steam Generators are designed to produce clean steam with steam or high temperature hot water as an energy source for use where there is a need to produce clean steam from boiler steam or high temperature hot water.

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The steam-electric power station is a power station in which the electric generator is steam driven. Water is heated, turns into steam and spins a steam turbine which drives an electrical generator .

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The Steam Force has 400 steam holes and an integrated electronic steam pump, which injects more steam into clothes than other irons. A sensor also automatically cuts steam once the iron is still to save on water and power.

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Using an Electric Heat Generator will always result in a net loss of energy, even if all the produced (Superheated) Steam is turned into EU using the Kinetic Steam Generator connected to a Kinetic Generator.

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Electro-Steam has provided companies around the world with safe, efficient, easy-to-use electric steam generators for a very wide range of custom applications, and Steam Cleaning Equipment for food and beverage applications.

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oped the ATP steam turbine family for the power range of 2 to 100 MW. For unit ratings of up to approximately 40 MW, steam turbine packages designated ATP1 and ATP2, for frame sizes 1 and 2, are used.

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Scaling in our electrode steam generator presents a relatively minor problem when compared to fuel fired and resistance element electric boilers where extremely high heating surface temperatures bake on solids thrown out as water flashes into steam.

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The E-Series precision steam generator is a unique tool to achieve an exact flow of clean steam. The unit is based on precise liquid control to an evaporator where the liquid instantly evaporates.